Continuous Magnetron Sputtering Line

Continuous Magnetron Sputtering Line

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This is a set of full automatic magnetron sputtering coating line. It is used for aluminum mirror and silver mirror manufacturing.
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Inline Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine
This is a kind of continuous magnetron sputtering coating line. This machine is particularly used for high capacity and large size of glass sheets. The type of line can be alternatively vertical or horizontal. A Curve or straight line can be designed according to the conditions of the customer’s workshop.
The common applications include: silver & aluminum mirror manufacturing, ITO glass producing, reflective glass making, etc. The maximum size for mirror manufacturing is up to 2440X3660mm. But in principle, the cost of the line is more economic for the smaller glass sheets. The advantages for the line are:
1.Continuous working
2.High reflective coatings for mirror making
3.High uniformity of coatings
4.Less labor needed
5.Easy operation
Hongfeng VAC uses advanced magnetron sputtering coating technology in Europe and America, combined with the actual situation, the development of innovation and introduction of high-grade aluminum mirror coating production line, allowing users to comprehensively improve the competitiveness of many in the variety, quality, efficiency, scale, high technology, and automation. The line is equipped with PLC and touch screen or industrial computer to achieve automatic control, to provide customers with high-quality low -cost products.
The company can provide design according to user requirements, provide a full set of equipment, responsible for the process, according to "turnkey" engineering services.
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According to different technical requirements of each customers, we can design different types of magnetron sputtering cathodes for the machine. This is the coating system of the machine. You can load different raw material to the cathodes for different coatings.

Technical Spcifications:

Chamber type Vertical and horizontal method of multi-chamber
Applied material Glass and Wafer, other plastic, metal materials
Substrate size Vertical type According to the size of customer's glass sheet
Horizontal type According to the size of customer's glass sheet
Tact time 120 sec or less (Static method) 90 sec or less (Dynamic method)
Coating source Sputter source Rotary cathode, Planar cathode
Coating material Metal material Al, Ti, Cr, Cu, NiCr, Ni, Ag, other metal material
Reactive material TiO2, Nb2O5, SiO2, TIO, SiAlOx, MoOx, other nitride / oxide material
Power supply DC, Pulse DC, MF
Thickness uniformity ±10% or less (Static film) ±5% or less (Moving film)
Measuring instrument Sheet resistance, optic (Transmittance, reflectance, color-difference meter),
plasma emission monitor, RGA
Household appliances field Decorative coating on household products and exterior of mobile devices
Energy field Silver & aluminum mirror manufacturing industry


Customers cases:


Welcome the customers to visit our company to discuss the technical details of the magnetron sputtering coating line.

Some of the customers also can take a visit to our customer's factory nearby, and they can see the running machine.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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